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Furniture Movers Abu Dhabi

If you are looking for a furniture mover in Abu Dhabi, you need to keep these things in mind. You should choose a mover with a good reputation in the region, reliable and truth-worthy, and makes your furniture easy and stress-free. You should also consider the pricing of the services, and ask the company if there is any hidden charge or any extra fee before the booking.

Best Furniture Moving company Abu Dhabi

Tariq Movers is one of the pioneer furniture moving services providers in the UAE. For some time now it has started its furniture moving and packing services in Abu Dhabi. Tariq Furniture Movers Abu Dhabi is best known for its reliability and quality furniture packing and moving services at low prices. It has an experienced team with great expertise in packing, loading, and moving furniture, household items, home-shifting, and commercial moving services. Along with quality services, our furniture moving services at reasonable prices, and our customers rank us one of the best furniture movers in the region. We believe in making bonds with our clients, and to facilitate the customers our helpline is live 24/7 and provides free furniture moving-related consultation services. Don’t wait, plan your furniture moving in Abu Dhabi with us to experience a hassle-free smooth quality furniture moving and packing at reasonable cost.

Steps Involve in Moving Process


Planning is the first step of our furniture’s moving process. We give a lot of importance to the planning phase, where we make strategies and tactics related to packing and moving furniture. This planning step helps us make the moving process smooth, efficient and effective.


This is the step where our furniture moving work starts, based on the planning in this step we start packing the moving items in packing materials. We use our expertise in this step to handle the moving items with care, packing them well and organizing them on their delication and worth. So in this step, we use our expertise in proper and effective packing of moving furniture.


This is the toughest step in the furniture moving process. In this step, we load the packed furniture and move items in the truck. We use our expertise as well as techniques to load the moving items into the truck without any damage.


This is the final step of our furniture moving process where we move the furniture to a new location, upon reaching there, un unload the furniture and place them at the designated place.

Why us for furniture moving services in Abu Dhabi

Experience Team

Tariq Furniture Movers Abu Dhabi aims to make your furniture moving superbly fun and relaxing, which can be only possible through a highly experienced and caliber team. Our team is highly qualified and experienced to handle your belongings and furniture with extra care and moving and packing superbly fast. Our team goes the extra-miles to make your moving experience fun and stress-free.

Reliable Furniture Movers

Reliability is one of the important things one should consider before hiring a moving company in Abu Dhabi. You can’t afford to hand over your belongings and household to someone you wouldn’t have full truth and reliability. You can check the reliability of a moving service company’s best research on the brand, its image in the market and among people, and how the customers rate their services. Our previous in the UAE market for the last 15 years and the review of our customers is testimonials of our quality services as well as our reliability.

Low and reasonable Prices

A competitive price is another factor that gives an edge over other furniture movers in Abu Dhabi. Our furniture moving services prices at low and competitive in the region, we don’t have any hidden charges nor have any extra fees. We will only be charged what has been negotiated in the booking time. We aim to provide the best furniture moving services at a reasonable price.

Comprehensive Moving Service

We have a comprehensive moving service varying from Furniture moving to home-shifting, commercial relocation to rental trucks, we have all-in-one solutions to meet the needs of our customers. By providing customized comprehensive services per our customers’ needs, we make furniture moving simple and stress-free. As the best furniture movers in Abu Dhabi, we are dedicated to providing the best moving experience for our customers.

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